Some dogs are brilliant, loyal, and loving, making it easy to train them as a great companion for single owners or families. They may be friendly, funny, patient, smart, and easy to please. And sometimes require lots of love, plenty of exercises, and basic obedience training. They also save with a high sense of duty, which makes them attractive to the service industry.


John was walking in his quiet neighborhood one afternoon and came across a grocery store. Out of nowhere, a van pulled in front of the grocery store. The driver stops the vehicle, but the engine is still running. Two men are in the passenger seat, and the door towards the grocery store was opened. Within a split second, a beautiful young lady came out of the grocery store with some items in her grocery bag, walking in the van's direction but looking in a different direction. Suddenly, one man came out of the truck and quickly yank the young lady with force into the truck and closed the door, and the van immediately takes off. In a blink of an eye, a dog jumps out of a nearby bush and run after the high-speed van on the unpaved road. John screamed ‘ security, security!!!! And everyone in the grocery store came out, and the security personals got into their car to chase after the van. The dog was right in front of them, running like a jaguar. The chase went on for 15 minutes, and the van stopped near an uncompleted building. The security personals car chasing after the truck lost their way, but the dog did not; Wow, thank goodness!


The dog quickly hides in a nearby bush, watching the van. Soon the two men get out of the truck and enter the uncompleted building. The beautiful young lady was locked up in the truck and screaming for help, but that remote area was as quiet as a cemetery with no human noise. The men mistakenly open one of the van windows slightly to let fresh air into the van. As soon as the dog set its eyes on this open sport, it jumped through with speed and force-open the van door: and both run away from these kidnappers. Truth be told, this BRAVE HEALTHY GUARDIAN DOG belongs to this young lady. image


The young lady stops a taxi right away and rides home with her dog. The neighbors heard what happened and came to sympathize with her, then they noticed the dog was happily eating a soft, chewy calming food as a treat. The neighbors asked, “ What’s in that dog food making your dog so happy and not tired?” The young lady replied, “ It has chicken,rice, barley, vegetable glycerin, turmeric spice, zinc proteinate, and many good kinds of stuff. This is the food I use to refuel my dog. They need healthy treats to keep them going. You can find these ingredients in ZUKE’S MINI NATURALS”

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