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Dr. Eric’s life was great. He got to the point where he was enjoying work, and his family was starting to travel at that point when he was as healthy as he could be. He was working out, hiking, and visiting the winery; then, he had a stomachache for a week, and the end of another week, his urine started turning dark. As a physician, he suspected what that met. He had a lab test done at his workplace. On Friday that week, he had to draw his own blood and got the result back a few days later. His liver test was elevated, and he also had a CAT scan done; his result shown he had pancreatic cancer.

So when he was told this news, he didn’t handle it very well; he immediately broke down in tears. His wife Jean was the great one; she immediately got to find doctors, which Eric ideally wouldn’t want to think about it. Jean did not know about pancreatic cancer but knew that Steve Job has died of pancreatic cancer. After Eric was diagnosed with cancer established in stage 4, the down point is that surgery doesn’t work. Since his wife convinced him that he needed to try and survive, he decided to try something experimental. He knew the result and the statistics as a physician. One of the supplemental treatments suggested was a vitamin D treatment that has shown great abilities in clinical trials. This is the treatment Dr. Eric has been excited about for a variety of reasons: Because it was simple, it was an analog of vitamin and was not a complicated medication. When he first entirely became hopeful after the treatment begins to work.

After a month, he noticed his first blood test in the tumor marker dropped and he believed that he was doing something different that actually work. Within a year, he reached normal levels. Jean, his wife, was thrilled and said she did not believe that it would hit normal but hoped that her husband would get better.

Dr. Eric believed that the experimental Vitamin D treatment he took during his chemotherapy save his life.

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