Payment Methods accepts PayPal, Credit Card, Master Card, ect. as the payment methods.




1) It can be used to prepaid CB Wallet and check out ;

2) Transaction fees may be charged by Paypal during transaction. Therefore, the collected balances includes the deducted Paypal transaction fees and the detailed transaction fee is depended on Paypal ;

3) Each prepaid balance cannot exceed 1000USD ;

4) It's online transaction. Instant payment, instant arrival, safe and convenient ;

2. Wire transfer


1) Only prepaid to CB Wallet is accepted ;

2) Prepaid balance will be deducted transaction fee and detailed transaction fee is depended on relevant bank ;

3) 2% CB points can be given for prepaid, for example, prepaying 100 USD, you can get 200 CB points ;

4) It's offline transaction. You need to contact customer service representatives to deal with it after prepaying. The dealing time is 1--2 business days ;

3.CB Wallet


1) It can be prepaid by Paypal,Payoneer,Wire transfer ect ;

2) Prepaid balance can be only used for Chinabrands'transaction, supporting all transaction on Chinabrands, and cannot be used to other channels ;

3) Withdrawal supported, but withdrawal is only returned to original account ;