Web Development

Earkorf, LLC is a leading global product development company providing high end technology consulting services. We succeed only when our customers are satisfied and successful. We will help plan out your roadmap with you and lead your business to success by breaking the barriers using modern technologies.

Modern Frameworks

We build web applications using modern and update to date front end frameworks such as React, Angular, Express, Node, and MongoDB.

Reusable Components

Our web applications have reusable components and maintainable code for building user interfaces.


Each web application we create are mobile friendly and desktop friendly, responsive on all devices.


Every web application we have created is easy to scale up based on the amount of users on the platform.


Mobile Development

Mobile app development services have been growing rapidly in today's market. To be able to keep your business relevant and to engage more customers, you will need to build an app that is easily accessible to everyone.

Hybrid Mobile Applications

Our mobile applications are compatible with both iOS and Android by using either React Native or Flutter framework to build cross platform apps.


Native iOS Apps

We use Java, Swift, or Objective-C in Xcode to build native platform specific apps for iPhone devices.


Native Android Apps

We develop Android Apps using Java, or C++ with Android SDK and Android Studio.

Hybrid or Native Mobile Apps

Native mobile apps are faster and more responsive than hybrid apps but the cost of creating hybrid mobile applications are cheaper than building two separate native apps.

Maintenance & Support

Emarkorf, LLC provides on-going support and maintenance to products that we help you build but also to any of your existing products if you want to cut down costs and hire our quality engineers.

Free 1 Month Post Product Release Support

After delivering your product, we provide free 1 month support and maintenance to make any minor changes or updates to your custom website or mobile application.

On-Going Support

It doesn't end when the project has been successfully delivered. We offer premium services and offer to support and maintain for your application.


Customer Satisfaction

 We ensure that all of our customers are satisfied and content with the end product. We obsess over our customers and work hard to keep the trust and relationship of our customers.