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Austin Texas, USA

A Bit About Us

Emarkorf LLC is a Website Design and Development Company which has solutions to all from small to large businesses. We are custom website developers.

Our Web Development professionals spend practically four hours and more every day experimenting with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; dabbling with Python Development Services and JAVA Website Development Services; We use python with web development that delight and inform. We do it well.

We are curious, and enjoy web development projects that challenges us to learn something new and stretch in a different direction. We do our best to stay on top of the state of the art changes to meet challenges with tools well suited to the job at hand. 

Work Experience


•  Developed 1000+ web applications to analyze and process data for different clients.

•  Ensure applications security and ability to interact with multiple APIs and databases.

•  Designed and created a knowledge management platform on a knowledge graph, utilizing various technologies, including Node.js, Typescript, React, and Git.

•  Developed and implemented a standalone data extraction "agent" and main-application features for a financial product.

•   Work closely with app development team including project and product manager, developers, and QA to determine problems, testing methods, and best practices.

•   Optimized the company’s complaint handling process by creating and delivering highly efficient app-based solutions.

•  Developed full-stack applications across various platforms using the latest industry-adopted technologies and frameworks.

•  Played a vital role in the development, improvement, and operation of web-based software.

•  Gained hands-on expertise in Bootstrap, Foundation, Express, and similar back-end Node.js as well as front-end presentation frameworks web application frameworks.

•  Conducted unit and load testing for high-profile customer-facing applications, which reduced system failure rate by 70%.

•  Manage website development projects from initial design through completion, optimizing all cross-browser and multi-platform compatibility.

•  Work closely with programmers and clients to meet project requirements, goals, and desired functionality.

•  Develop and integrate customized themes into WordPress.

•  Conduct training for clients on handling website content management systems.

•  Enable site-wide promotions by programming HTML5 canvases to animate particles on web backgrounds.

•  Developed websites from front to backend using PHP, JavaScript, and HTML.

•  Enhanced user experience and accomplish webpage objectives by creating site structure, navigation, page optimization, and graphics integration.

•  Implemented enhancements that improved web functionality and responsiveness.

•  Designed and maintained both corporate and client websites, using scripting languages and content management systems, including WordPress.